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Global HR Insights

Green Era: Legal Implications and Tips for Organizations

The article discusses the intersection of whistleblowing laws and environmental concerns, emphasizing the potential increase in whistleblowing claims related to greenwashing and environmental damage due to growing public awareness of climate change. It highlights the importance of fostering a "speak up" culture within organizations to address sustainability issues and suggests that employees may use environmental wrongdoing categories to protect disclosures. The authors recommend that employers have transparent policies, encourage positive environmental engagement, and train managers to recognize and address potential protected disclosures.

The Impact of Unilateral Contract Changes on Employee Dismissals

In the case of Jackson v University Hospital of North Midlands NHS Trust, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) criticized the Employment Tribunal's lack of clarity regarding the dismissal nature of the changes to the employment contract. The employee, Ms. Jackson, claimed that a unilateral variation of her contract amounted to dismissal, and the EAT directed a different tribunal panel to assess whether the changes constituted a dismissal. The case highlights the legal implications of unilaterally varying employment contracts, potentially leading to claims for unfair dismissal and contractual liabilities.

Parents whose babies require neonatal care to receive paid leave under new law backed by government

The UK government is supporting the Neonatal Care (Leave and Pay) Bill, allowing parents of babies requiring specialist care after birth to take up to 12 weeks of additional paid leave. This legislation aims to address the challenges faced by parents of prematurely or sick newborns who need extended neonatal care, preventing them from having to use existing leave entitlements or returning to work prematurely. The bill covers parents of babies admitted to hospitals up to the age of 28 days with a continuous stay of 7 full days or more. The reforms are designed to ease financial pressures on families facing the rising cost of living and provide necessary support during a stressful time.

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